Beauties on Camera manual

                   by  agency linda[AL]  with *aniversario* [AS] GoogleDoc version


# warning

if you are from office in company, you have risks you charged of criminal using company properties, network etc. (You can use also your mobile.)

# What I need ?

-Internet (Wi-Fi) -PC (Laptop or Desktop; Windows/macOS/Linux) with Chrome browser etc. -TwitCasting account with Email. have no Email or want to create new specific Email ?  →

# Become a member(model)

-Email profile(name), photo to have no Email or want to create new specific Email ?  → -create TwitCasting with Email and password (not on Twitter or on Facebook !! )   Account ID   Password -test live on TwitCasting at least 4 hours -send TwitCasting URL and account (not Email password but TwitCasting account(password) ) -you will get R$100 for first live post 4 hours long. -then we gonna detail talks with you

# How to go live

-login TwitCasting -for the first time, put link in account profile. you have many benefits to link our site, so do not forget -go Live with Web camera on PC -check “Setting” -you have to set “Password”. and you have to choose everytime different unique random password(4 characters with combination A-Z, a-z, 0-9 , see below) and have to inform password and URL to --you can use theese Web tools to generate random password --in case you hardly set random password, you can choose one of this but not really recomended L3TO Xrew 1dJS LcKq vOPZ vPpW yTAy NIs6 JcTo 699a HOqW eDws oOrF bQ8k eHum afvs xbON 0uGi 3ThA b6Qy hf6g -choose “Camera” -start live. be careful, for several months, unless you get some level, the live stop automatically within 30min. you have to start live again! -you can off the mic("Mute" button) -chouse NOT post anything on twitter etc. -live starts!!!, “agency linda” receive information from your Email. ( ) keep live at least 4 hours… you have to restart every 30min. live for initial stage.

## Stop live

push Stop button -push Later, live automatically recorded and saved on TwitCasting server -go live history.. -please check your live was recorded. usually your new live will come on the top. you can check when video recorded. -send Email and URL, password to see video (same as live, 4 characters password). and tell your live finished. this process is important. we calculate and check how you live contribute to our services. NG 📱 OK ⤵ [| ☺ |]

# business model

[BC] -------------------[AS](*aniversario*)    | salary   ^    v R$10/watch hour  ^     salary … R$50/month basic + R$10/watch hour bonus v | pay members watch | (models) <-- clients --> live

# site image -in the site, members(models) are shown up and our clients choose model. -many members(models) on camera -connected with Twitcasting -client can get password of Twitcasting with payment

# idea

similar idea Bijin Dokei from Japan (Time with beutiful women) other if you use PC that will be more simple but, of course, there will bemanual for iPhone/Android. whole processes are like this, if we summarize all.. 1. 2.get today's(or this weeks's) password and me mo it (ex.JAUG) ↑passwords are for security / prohibit "free-riders" so if you do not care about security, you can use one same password long.. * 3.go TwitCasting and set password (this depends on how model, if you want protect your live contens) ( models can chenge password later by their own ) 4. start live